to speak english very fast

1. to cut the ( are you) in the sentence example: what are you doin g                                👇                 whatcha doin' 2. to make contraction  example: gonna                                           I gonna study English  wanna                                          I wanna study English gotta  hafta whatcha etc.

about yuri gagrin the first man gone to space

  yuri gagrin born on 1934 died on 1968 gone to space on 1961 he completed one orbit of earth

Vigilant Awareness

To start with, I appreciate our government for its anti-corruption initiatives to reduce corruption across India. Next, I am proud that Indians of our generation are vigilant and support the fight against corruption. As we dream and March towards a correction-free India the world witnesses the emerging power of India socially, politically, and economically, Let us all commit to the highest standards of honesty and integrity and work together to eradicate corruption. The One who... Follow the rule of law,  The one who... neither takes nor offers a bribe,  The one who... act in the public interest,  is the one whom I call the proud citizen of India.  is the one who can drive India toward a world superpower,  is the one who can full fill the vision of Abdul Kalam. For humanity to prosper, and for the country to thrive, let us all spread awareness and work vigilantly against corruption.

Search Analyst Sasikumar Talks

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hindi words meaning in english or tamil

 Hindi                  English                    Tamil   kya                                         what                                               enna  kither                                       where                                             enge kab/kabi                                    when                                              epothu khon                                         who                                                yar kisko                                        to whom                                          yaruku kiyu                                          why                                               ean kaise                                        how                                                 epadi may                                         i                                                     nan aap                                          you                                                 neengal aapka                       

what are the three biggest lakes in the world

  the great slave lake lake malawi great bear lake

what is whale rock in thailand in the national forest

  Hin Sam Wan, which means Three Whale Rock, is a 75 million-year-old rock formation jutting majestically out of the mountains. It earned its name because from the right perspective, it looks like a family of whales. Seen from above, the Three Whale Rock looks like a family of whales. Thailand, a country known for both its cultural and natural splendors, is keenly aware of the effects of tourism. Upwards of 34 million people visit the country from abroad every year. With that yearly influx of people comes a need to ensure that the natural and cultural wonders that Thailand is known for are protected. Tourism, as great as it can be for local businesses and communities, comes with a price. Well-meaning travelers can sometimes bring unintended harm to the places that they visit: from the destruction of a natural wonder to the intrusion on the lives of the locals. The need to protect natural and cultural splendors is more important now than ever before. There’s nothing quite as tragic as v