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Explain Rubik 3*3 cube in Tamil

3*3 Rubik cube video this is my video 😃 I'm going explain slowly    

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About my typing speed. Typing score: 30

Image  in this typing test I got 30 words in one minute (30 w/m) for this I took 1year. You also try it. Please try it and send your typing score in the comment section. This is my typing test                                      this is typing race. In this I got  2nd place and I got 2nd prize. I didn't  get first prize. ok all the best bye....😄        

Thank the Inventor

My father bought a bicycle  for me. In the beginning, I could not ride it. But later I learned it and now driving skillfully and happily. Today I thank the inventor of bicycle Karl von Drais. Whenever I go for a ride i will also take my sister along with me. We both love and enjoy bicycle 🚲 riding. Thankyou. This was the earliest form of a bicycle, without pedals Karl Freiherr von Drais  (full name:  Karl Friedrich Christian Ludwig Freiherr Drais von Sauerbronn ) (29 April 1785 – 10 December 1851) was a noble German forest official and significant inventor in the Biedermeier period. He was born and died in Karlsruhe. Please comment your bicycle 🚲 riding experience.🚴🚴

Few of my Drawings


Bible Quote Today - Isaiah 41:10

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Some cartoon character

 Doreamon and  N obita and his friends   Doraemon a robot cat, sent from the 22nd century, is the main character along with his friend called Nobita Nobi, a dull and lazy boy in school . Doraemon is a magical robot cat that has many gadgets that can help Nobita solve his problems. Shinchan and his friends and father,mother and little sister He is the son of Hiroshi and Misae. His nickname is "Shin-chan" Nohara and he is Himawari's brother, a kindergarten-aged boy. He is 5 years old and he is a very funny cartoon and every small kids like its a lot jakiechan jakiechan some magical stone Talisman Power First User Monkey Talisman Animal Shapeshifting Jade Chan Dog Talisman Immortality/ Rejuvenation Uncle Pig Talisman Thermal Vision HakFoo Tiger Talisman Spiritual Balance Jackie Chan ben10 The main character, Ben Tennyson, is a ten-years old boy who can turn himself into many different aliens including 10 original aliens . Ben and his rival girl cousin named Gwen are on summe

Swami Vivekananda Quote and Citizen Quote


Martin Luther King and his famous "I Have a Dream" speech

Martin Luther King and  his famous "I Have a Dream" speech I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.  I have a dream . . .  I have a dream that one day little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

ஆடி பாடி மகிழ்வோம் பாடல்


My cube collection.

This is my cube collection 

Beach outing today. Pic

கடற்கரைக்கு சென்றோம் . மகிழ்ச்சியாக இருந்தது .                        we went to the beach. we were so Happy .

118 chemical elements. I memorized 30+.

  This is a list of the 118  chemical elements  which have been  identified  as of 2022. I take this video when i was 9years old but now i am 10years old

About comments

   one bad news is there    no one is commenting😟 please comment I did not get even one comment😒bye...

Maths kids

  Times Tables Games Mr. Nussbaum - Fun Division Games - From ComputerMice Complete the Division Expression for Equal Groups - Math  Games - SplashLearn Grand Prix Multiplication – Math Game Time Integer Warp - Math Game – Math Game Time Vishnupriyan S - CLASS 3


Picker Wheel - Spin the Wheel to Decide a Random Choice   Wheel of Names | Random name picker

Google websites

  Google Gmail Meet  Google Translate Wheel of Names | Random name picker Maps WhatsApp

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  Whatsapp   twitter facebook   Gmail

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  Populated websites     Google     Bing          Yahoo       The Millennial Mirror     The Echoer

meeting website

   Zoom    Meet    Microsoft Teams This are the 3 populated meeting websites

Animals Audi Class

 Animals Audi Class by my Grandpa

It has education games

  Account - TypeRush Times Tables Games Mr. Nussbaum - Fun Division Games - From ComputerMice Grand Prix Multiplication – Math Game Time Integer Warp - Math Game – Math Game Time Search Fun Integer Warp - Math Game – Math Game Time Division models worksheet Complete the Division Expression for Equal Groups - Math  Games - SplashLearn   SpellQuiz

Typing     This is for typing race                                      This is for typing test                                             This is upcoming website this is my dad website


I tell to my teacher

I am only posting this all the post I told to my class teacher 32 elements. she encouraged me. how you studied this? we are not teaching this in EVS and she asked how you know this?. I told one day my dad told to me to study this. It helps in the higher classes and i studied . I told that my friends also encouraged me. one of my friend told me that 😄 you are trying to make a record and i told, in water there is hydrogen and oxygen. About three quarters of the sun is hydrogen, which is constantly fusing together and creating helium by a process called nuclear fusion.   . bye to all thanks to see my posts😃bye...


Image    This is google earth Maps  This is map                                                                    India is my country                                                                         world                                                                            flag map world map population wise map continents world map

Alphabetical list of countries and Population

  Alphabetical list of countries Countries that start with: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # Country Population (2020) Land Area (Km²) Density (P/Km²) 1 Afghanistan 38,928,346 652,860 60 2 Albania 2,877,797 27,400 105 3 Algeria 43,851,044 2,381,740 18 4 Andorra 77,265 470 164 5 Angola 32,866,272 1,246,700 26 6 Antigua and Barbuda 97,929 440 223 7 Argentina 45,195,774 2,736,690 17 8 Armenia 2,963,243 28,470 104 9 Australia 25,499,884 7,682,300 3 10 Austria 9,006,398 82,409 109 11 Azerbaijan 10,139,177 82,658 123 12 Bahamas 393,244 10,010 39 13 Bahrain 1,701,575 760 2,239 14 Bangladesh 164,689,383 130,170 1,265 15 Barbados 287,375 430 668 16 Belarus 9,449,323 202,910 47 17 Belgium 11,589,623 30,280 383 18 Belize 397,628 22,810 17 19 Benin 12,123,200 112,760 108 20 Bhutan 771,608 38,117 20 21 Bolivia 11,673,021 1,083,300 11 22 Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,280,819 51,000 64 23 Botswana 2,351,627 566,730 4 24 Brazil 212,559,417 8,358,140 25 25 Brunei 437,479 5,270 83 26 Bul