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information on our solar system

  large moons our solar system  our solar system consists of the sun the 8 planets that revolve around it and their natural satellites and asteroids. our solar system has 8 planets like mercury, Venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. drought planet  Pluto.  Mercury it is the smallest planet and it can be seen just before the sun rise and the sunset. Venus it is clearly visible to us in the morning and evening hence it is called d evening star. the evening star is also known as earth's twin. Earth it is known as the blue planet as seventy percent of it has water. It is the only planet in our solar system on which life exists . Mars it is called the Red Planet because it appears in the sky as and orange Red Star. Jupiter it is the largest planet and hence also called the ruling planet. Saturn it is the lightest planet with the most beautiful rings this planet is also called the ring planet. Uranus it is the fastest revolving planet in the solar system. Neptune being th

top five biggest volcanoes in the world

 top five biggest volcanoes in the world:                                                                  mount Tambora                                                                  mount Krakatoa                                                                  mount pelee                                                                   mount Ruiz                                                                   mount Vesuvius

coastal plains

 The land along an ocean, a sea or bay is called a coast. The boundary of coast, where land meets water, is called coastline. there are two coastal plains in India eastern coastal plains and western coastal plains  the eastern coastal plains in the east and  western coastal plains in the west the eastern coastal plains lies in bay of Bengal and the western coastal plains lies in Arabian sea the two coastal plains meets in Kanyakumari in Indian ocean   

Dr m.s swaminathan

1940 3d production of food became very less in india and there was there was a famine in bengal about 4 million people died of hunger. In 1947 in india got freedom food shortages was a big problem that needed to be solved. The population of india was growing on a very fast pace and more food was needed to feed people. But  farmers were still using old methods of farming which produce the less crops. Crops also got damaged because of less rain floods and insects. Importance steps that taken by the government to improve agriculture. This lady to great increase in production of food grains especially wheat and rice. More areas were brought under farming . Canels were dug and dam were made to provide waters to the field and also to control floods. This period of great increase in production of food grains is known as the green revolution.  Dr ms swaminathan who is well known agricultural scientist of india played and important role in green revolution of india.he  Started spending time wit

jawaharlal nehru the indian ruler

 Jawaharlal Nehru the Indian ruler  was born on : 1899  month of born ; November 14 died : 1964 born in India , Kashmir wife : kamala child :Indira Gandhi