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About Mahatma Gandhi

 Mahatma Gandhi is the father of our country India. In our currency note we can see Gandhiji with smile.  Gandhi Ji is one of the freedom fighters of India. His full name is  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi . One of the great leader. Who gave his life for the country. Was born on 22nd October 1869. This day is celebrated by great pleasure well as gandhiji's birthday. Who died in 30th January 1948 age of 78. Late in the afternoon of Jan. 30, 1948,  Nathuram Godse  walked up to Gandhi before a prayer service in New Delhi and shot him three times in the chest. With that, the great leader was dead, but the infamy of the man who killed Gandhi lives on to this day.

interesting questions

  which is the biggest country ?    answer:                                                                                                                         write your answer in                                                                                                                                        comment box. which is the richest country ? answer: which is the happiest country ? answer: which country has the lowest happiness ? answer: which country is the smallest ? answer: which country is poorest ? answer: which country do you like put in the comment box😀 bye...