Thank the Inventor

My father bought a bicycle  for me. In the beginning, I could not ride it. But later I learned it and now driving skillfully and happily. Today I thank the inventor of bicycle Karl von Drais. Whenever I go for a ride i will also take my sister along with me. We both love and enjoy bicycle 🚲 riding. Thankyou.

This was the earliest form of a bicycle, without pedals

Karl von Drais on his original Laufmaschine, the earliest two-wheeler, or hobbyhorse in 1819

Karl Freiherr von Drais (full name: Karl Friedrich Christian Ludwig Freiherr Drais von Sauerbronn) (29 April 1785 – 10 December 1851) was a noble German forest official and significant inventor in the Biedermeier period. He was born and died in Karlsruhe.

Please comment your bicycle 🚲 riding experience.🚴🚴


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