Vigilant Awareness

To start with, I appreciate our government for its anti-corruption initiatives to reduce corruption across India. Next, I am proud that Indians of our generation are vigilant and support the fight against corruption.

As we dream and March towards a correction-free India the world witnesses the emerging power of India socially, politically, and economically,

Let us all commit to the highest standards of honesty and integrity and work together to eradicate corruption.

The One who...

Follow the rule of law, 

The one who...

neither takes nor offers a bribe, 

The one who...

act in the public interest, 

is the one whom I call the proud citizen of India. 

is the one who can drive India toward a world superpower, 

is the one who can full fill the vision of Abdul Kalam.

For humanity to prosper, and for the country to thrive, let us all spread awareness and work vigilantly against corruption.


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