Dr m.s swaminathan

1940 3d production of food became very less in india and there was there was a famine in bengal about 4 million people died of hunger.

In 1947 in india got freedom food shortages was a big problem that needed to be solved.

The population of india was growing on a very fast pace and more food was needed to feed people.

But  farmers were still using old methods of farming which produce the less crops. Crops also got damaged because of less rain floods and insects.

Importance steps that taken by the government to improve agriculture. This lady to great increase in production of food grains especially wheat and rice. More areas were brought under farming . Canels were dug and dam were made to provide waters to the field and also to control floods. This period of great increase in production of food grains is known as the green revolution. 

Dr ms swaminathan who is well known agricultural scientist of india played and important role in green revolution of india.he
 Started spending time with the farmers teaching them the modern ways of farming. He taught farmers how we use of better seeds new fertilizer pesticides and modern machines for farming could increase the production of crops. He dreams of making the world free of hunger and poverty. We can also help by not wasting food.

Dew to the efforts of Dr ms swaminathan today indiamart only grows enough food for its people but also earns money by selling wheat and rice and vegetables fruits to other countries.
Did you know
                       In 1943 dr swaminathan decided to study agriculture when he saw people suffering during famine.


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