facts on everythings

  1.  saturn's rings are 90% water
  2. jupiters largest moon ganymade has a salty ocean that contains more water than earth
  3. mercury takes only 3 months for a year
  4. a day is longer than a year on venus
  5. for a rocket to orbit earth.it needs to travel 17,600 miles per hour
  6. every second your body produces 25 million new cells
  7. your brain doesn't feel pain
  8. a woman have half a litre blood less than men
  9. the heart produces about 70ml blood in each heart beat
  10. the circulatory system in more the 60,000 miles 
  11. worms have 5 hearts
  12. snail can sleep up to 3 years
  13. sloths spend about 98% of their lives in a tree
  14. the giant octopus has 9 brains, 3 hearts, blue blood
  15. sea turtles never meet their parents
  16. a butterfly has more than 12,000 eyes
  17. some octopus species lay 56,000 eggs at a time
  18. the longest english word has 189,819 letters
  19. if you sneeze too hard, you could fracture a rib
  20. course of of an average life, while sleeping you eat around 10 spiders and 70 assorted insects  and more
  21. baboons are able to writing and reading skills 
  22. a box jellyfish has 24 eyes
  23. the six shiek's sixth sheep is the toughest tongue twister in the world
  24. sloths can hold their breath for 20 minutes 
  25. whales can hold their breath for 40 minutes


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